If you are thinking of joining a webcam agency or becoming a webcam model we know that you will have lots of questions and we have answered some of the most common questions below. Our team are also available to respond to any queries and will cover everything in the registration process.

What is required to become a Webcam Model?

The requirements of becoming a webcam model with The London Gems are:

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Hold a valid Passport, Full UK License or UK Citizenship Card
  • Own a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop
  • Have access to reliable Wifi
Is there a joining fee or up front cost?

Absolutely not! It is completely free to join and all of the training and support provided does not carry an up front cost.

Our aim is purely to help you get started and established.

What happens after registering?

Following registration we will contact you to answer any questions and begin the process of setting you up.

You will need to be age verified, so proof of your ID will be require to confirm your credentials. This personal information is only kept on file in the event that a higher authority questions your identity for any reason.

Once completed we will create your personal profile, which is then handed over and will be under your full control.

We then begin training you and will send various training videos and documents, as well as provide access to our exclusive, highly active and informative webcam model group chats. This will give you a great insight into other models activities and successes for ongoing support and advice.

THEN YOU WILL BE READY TO MAKE YOUR MILLIONS – and we will always be on hand to help you along the way.

What size/shape Models do you work with?

We welcome and work with girls of all different shapes and sizes.

There are no size requirements to become a successful webcam model and there are clients who want to meet girls of every description, so whether you’re a sleek size 6 or a beautifully shaped size 20, there are certainly clients waiting for you. It really is your personality that counts.

Is Webcam modelling for me?

Webcam Modelling can either be a place to unleash your alter ego, or simply used to earn an extra income on the side while having some fun.

You are in full control of what you offer and you ARE allowed to say NO

Our advice is that you need to go in to Webcam modelling with an open mind and a sense of humour. Cam modelling is a performance art and you will play whatever part you wish, so the more defined in who you are and what you want to be, the more you are likely to attract and retain the people you can enjoy spending time with. After all, time is money!

How discreet or safe is webcam work?

You can be as discreet as you like and there is certainly the safety of distance between you and any audience. Your personal details will NEVER be used on any website to protect your identity at all times.

We only expect every model to go by their chosen ‘Cam’ Name. You do not have to show your face in profile pictures and if preferred you can choose to mask your appearance in whatever way you wish – however we do advise showing your face on live cam to earn better wages.

In addition your location can be hidden or changed, and you can even block yourself from being seen in certain locations.

How DO I earn money on Webcam?

Webcam modelling works on a pay per minute rate, so the longer a client is on a call, the more you earn. This will depend and be helped on the relationships you can build with clients who typically pay £1 to £3 per minute to interact with you, or more for one to one chats. Some girls like to tease their viewers and others find more inventive and obvious ways to keep viewers hooked.

Paid services typically include:

  • Live webcam Chats/Shows
  • Pre-booked Skype Shows
  • Phone Chat
  • SMS Chat
  • Private Galleries
  • Videos and Movie Clips
  • Sales Pages
How many hours do I have to work?

As a webcam model you are your own boss and can work whenever, wherever and however you choose.

Obviously the more hours you work, the more money you will earn.

What will I have to do on Webcam?

You are the boss and when the webcam is on, it’s your domain to control!

You only offer what you feel comfortable to do and you CAN say NO to anything you don’t want to do, because it’s entirely up to you.

Some clients want to chat, some have fantasies and fetishes, and of course some want more… But the most important thing to remember is that YOU control the calls and can choose to accept or decline any of them at any time.

Our advice is to always keep things fun and friendly so that you enjoy your time, all of the time.

How much will I earn as a webcam model?

The amount you earn is up to you. You may want to work full time to earn as much money as possible, or part time around another job or studying.

All of our models are completely different in their approach and enjoy the flexibility that webcam modelling allows.

What can be said is that webcam modelling is the quickest and easiest way to make money and the more you put in, the more you get out. Your aim will be to keep your audience online as long as possible and you do that though relationship building.

Even if somebody did ask you to do something you wouldn’t want to, you may choose to tease them or talk about their request rather than abruptly stop the chat. Webcam work is really about engagement, and the more you can master your craft, the more you will be paid each and every week.

Can you really earn that much on Web Cam?

We can safely say that you definitely can earn a considerable amount and that most of our models do.

The only thing that will stop you being successful is you!

View our testimonials page where you will see screenshots of earnings taken from our models forum.

How does the pay work for webcam models?

The London Gems webcam models are paid every Tuesday directly into your bank account, or via Paypal if preferred.

As you work you can literally see your earning adding up within the platform system, so you always know exactly what pay to look forward to.

How long until I can start earning money?

Most of our models complete the training and get involved with our community – usually taking their first call within a week, however we can grant access to the system in just a few hours if you want to get started straight away.

Our professional webcam model recruitment teams are highly skilled at completing registrations efficiently, and it helps to have identification and personal information to hand.

The only other consideration of how quickly you can start to earn money from webcam modelling will be down to when you are ready to get started.

More Questions about Webcam Modelling?

Our friendly and professional team are on hand to help wherever possible, so please feel free to ask any questions through our website contact page.


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ALL Webcam Models MUST:

Be OVER 18 years of age
Hold a VALID Passport, Full Driving License or Citizen Card
Own a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop
Have access to RELIABLE WIFI