If you’re thinking of becoming a cam girl, we are here to help you succeed. The London Gems is a global webcam model agency that manage and support 1000’s of models from becoming a cam girl to earning £1000’s online every day. Find information about the thriving webcam industry and how we work below.

Thinking of Becoming a Cam Girl Barriers



Thinking of becoming a cam girl or webcam model will always be different for everyone. Where some are naturally gravitated towards the industry and proud of their success, others may enter purely for the money and have concerns about the stigma of becoming a cam girl and what other people may think. Whatever your reason for thinking of becoming a cam girl, we understand the influences and potential barriers or fears you may face and are here to help.

Regardless of what others say or believe to be the case, the truth is that becoming a cam girl is actually a safe and fun way to earn money! Through our experience and exclusive webcam model forums we see success story after success story, and plenty of people enjoying what they do to take their share of the £900million a year webcam industry.

So for us it’s never a case of whether you should or not, but all about how we can support and guide you on your journey to becoming a cam girl for you to discover the many life-changing benefits that the job has to offer.

Benefits of Becoming a Cam Girl

The main benefits of becoming a cam girl are not just about money and you can easily develop a long term, rewarding career doing something you truly enjoy.

Huge Earnings

Realistic and proven average webcam work earnings of £500-£2000+ per week

Work from Home

Choose your hours of work and operate in the comfort and safety of your own home



Webcam work is about having fun and meeting new people including fellow models

Benefits of becoming a cam girl

The Webcam Girl Job

  • The webcam industry is worth around £900 Million per year and continues to grow.
  • Most webcam models consistently earn £1000 plus a week
  • London Gems provide full profile setup and training, along with ongoing help and support from our experienced team.
  • We supply detailed training videos on how to best use website platforms and maximise your earnings in various ways.
  • You gain exclusive forum access with other active models for tips, advice and social banter as further support and fun.
  • Successful models are from all different backgrounds and of all shapes and sizes with varying performance styles.
  • You only ever do on webcam what you are comfortable doing.
  • You work from home and are in full control of your own hours
  • Track and monitor weekly paid earnings as you work.
  • Chance to release your alter-ego or whatever you want to reveal.



One of the most important factors of successfully becoming a cam girl is to only ever be yourself and never do anything you're not comfortable with. One of the common misconceptions about webcam modelling is that you have to look like a model and that you have to take your clothes off and perform sex acts! But where there is an obvious demand for models that earn a lot of money performing for their viewers either as themselves or their alter ego, there are also countless other reasons that so many people seek webcam models.

Whoever you are and however you look there are audiences for everyone, and the art of successfully becoming a cam girl is to find your niche and defining who you will be. Will you offer advice or companionship? Would you be friendly or feisty? Who you will be is entirely up to you...

Successfully Becoming a Cam Girl

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